Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am price shopping for a good detailer. What should I look for?

A: Remember you are trusting a company with the appearance of your vehicle. One mistake and it could mean the body shop. Proper detailing requires skill, training, and experience. Not just a bottle of wax and a cell phone. It’s not just about who has the cheapest pricing. When shopping for a detailer concern yourself with quality. Please remember it’s much cheaper to pay a little extra to have the job done right the first time, rather than to pay to again to have it done correctly the second time.

Q: My car doesn’t look bad yet. Should I have it detailed?

A: The answer is absolutely yes. Detailing is not about working fantastic miracles on vehicles once every couple years, it’s about maintenance. A vehicle should be properly detailed every 3 months if parked outside and once every 6 months if kept indoors. To solve the mystery if new cars come with wax on them or don’t need protection this is completely wrong. Every vehicle no matter what the age needs to be protected. Proper detailing of a vehicle increases it’s curb appeal and resale value.

Q: I’m collecting a new car. Why get it detailed before or right after delivery?

A: Contrary to popular belief, new cars rarely look their best. Despite being treated to a quick wash and polish by the dealership (which may even result in swirl marks caused by over-eager attention and wrong techniques), residue from the protective film that the vehicle wears during transportation may remain. Plus the vehicle may have been stored outside for a number of weeks or months near docks, railways, and other industrial areas before being treated to a light dusting of contaminates when transported on the road system or by railroad. Why not let Flawless Shine Auto Spa make the collection of your new vehicle to prep it for the Auto Spa treatment.

Q: There are quite a few detailers in town, why use Flawless Shine Auto Spa?

A: Byron Rogers Founder/Owner of Flawless Shine Auto Spa strives for 110% Perfection and Excellence, with High Performing Craftsmanship with Flawless results, along with Unparalleled Client Satisfaction. Byron’s clients are of the up most importance. Add the God giving talent along with Byron’s passion for detailing, his clients receive Flawless results every time.

Q: What is Detailing?

A: Detailing is the systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle.

Q: How far do you travel?

A: Flawless Shine Auto Spa Headquarters is based in Bakersfield, California, and most of Byron’s client base is in Central California (San Joaquin Valley). Byron will travel within a 50 mile radius of Bakersfield at no extra cost. Traveling further afield (including through out the 48 contingents states) upon negotiation will require an extra fee to cover Byron’s traveling time and expenses.

Q: Is your business insured to work on vehicles?

A: Flawless Shine Auto Spa is insured up to $1 Million by State Farm Insurance (Agent Melory Castillio 661-393-8326… Email Byron’s clients vehicles are insured up to $300,000 through the Garage Keepers policy by State Farm Insurance.

Q: What hours do you work?

A: Flawless Shine Auto Spa hours of operation are

  • 9am until 5pm Monday thru Friday
  • 9am until 5pm on Saturday
  • 12pm until 5pm Sunday

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: You can pay either by cash, and we proudly accept all major credit cards.

Q: How do I book or schedule an appointment?

A: Just call Flawless Shine Auto Spa at 1-855-WE-GLOSS thats 1-855-934- 5677. Byron can check his schedule and provisionally book you in. You may request an appointment online, but dates are due to availability. Byron will be glad to get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your requested appointment date.

Q: Cancellations?

A: If you need to cancel, Byron requires at least 24 to 48 hour notification prior to your appointment.

Q: Do you need to work under a cover or in a garage?

A: Not necessarily, if it’s not raining Flawless Shine Auto Spa can work outside without any problem. In the event of rain, Byron can use a portable Shade Tech instant all purpose canopy, although this cant be set up in strong winds. If the weather is unsuitable, you can arrange for the detail to be carried out on an alternative date. It should be noted that a properly detailed vehicle’s appearance is not affected by rain. Since Byron would properly correct paintwork if it should happened to rain after your detail a simple wash will return it to it’s original detailed state.

Q: What is paintwork correction?

A: Flawless Shine Auto Spa’s paintwork correction process is the removal of common paint problems, such as scratches, bird stains, swirl marks, buffer marks, micro marring, orange peel, cob webbing, and 3D hologram effects. This is carried out by re-leveling the paints by 1 or 2 microns, so that the paintwork reflects light perfectly at all angles including direct sunlight, in essence to receive a FLAWLESS SHINE/GLOSS

Q: What is Carnauba wax?

A: Carnauba wax is a resin produced by the leaves of a South American wax palm tree, Copemican Cerifera , to protect it against harsh rainforest conditions (Extreme heat, solar radiation, moisture, and humidity). with a strong grain structure, carnauba is the hardest wax known to man and women, but also dries to an extremely deep natural shine.