Welcome to Gloss My Car Research and Development

Gloss My Car is the Research and Development Specialty Division of Flawless Shine Auto Spa. At Gloss My Car we are determined to research and acquire the finest products, tools, accessories, and valuable information from the auto detailing industry. Byron Rogers, Founder/Owner of Gloss My Car R&D, travels to various trade shows such as SEMA in Las Vegas, (Specialty Equipment Market Association), the L.A. Auto Show, and various car shows around California. Byron also has Skype roundtable meetings with other professional detailers from around the world, and is involved with auto detailing online forums from the United States and from the United Kingdom. Using these hi-tech methods, Byron can keep up with the cutting edge of auto detail technology and continue to educate himself on best practices for keeping your car flawless..

Here at Flawless Shine Auto Spa and Gloss My Car R&D, we strive to give our clients 110% Perfection and Excellence in workmanship on their vehicles. Once you’ve seen your vehicle detailed with one of our Flawless/Gloss Packages, you’ll understand the added value of Gloss My Car R&D,We are here to help our clients with questions, concerns, and suggestions. email us at GlossMyCar@yahoo.com or call us at
1-855-WE-GLOSS 1-855-934-5677

We’d like to thank each and every one of our clients and potential clients for their business with Flawless Shine Auto Spa.

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Gloss My Car Research and Development